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Go Motion Production, together with Chummy Chum, Celebrates its Annual Thanksgiving project

February 4,2017

QUEZON CITY – Recently, we received a letter from a humanitarian group requesting for a collaboration with Chummy Chum on a place where people they will be helping are really in need. Their description fit with the case of patients at National Children’s Hospital.

Every time we visit National Children’s Hospital, located at Quezon City, we see new faces of children (commonly cancer-patients) being treated. We can say that they are genuinely in need of help as the lack of financial income made it harder for these children’s parents to face the harsh reality of such disease. Whenever we refer a donor to this hospital, we ask them to avoid processed foods as much as possible.

Thank you Go Motion Production for the cash donation and Pervin Chatlani for story books as prizes for the games.

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