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Heart Warrior Philippines Holds “Balik-Eskwela” Event with Chummy Chum

Chummy Chum joined Heart Warrior Philippines’ (the center) Balik-Eskwela Event. Children from this center ages 1 – 12 are those with heart medical issues, for when their condition wouldn’t be monitored, the chance of dying is high. The Chummy Chum team met these children, who cannot be too happy or too sad, as extreme feelings or emotions for them could be fatal, a medical condition that inflicted the fetus during pregnancy.

On this day, the Chummy Chum team got lucky to spend time with these children. You can tell from the way they look that these children have severe conditions. One common sign or symptom is having blackening or pale lips. During the event, there were clowns (who offered their services for free) who made the children smile. A group gave a dance performance just before Chummy Chum made his moves, which gave real fun to the children. Finally, the children were called to line up for popcorn and cotton candy as well as special treats and gifts from Chummy Chum.

“This is a rare condition that the patient can not be so hype nor sad it will trigger to a heart attack “ Celebrate your birthday with us to meet them and help them to their other needs.

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