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Helping little A fight his battle.

“Sometimes superheroes reside in the hearts of small children fighting big battles.” – unknown

CMAP No. 197: Little A, 6, Gastroinbleeding Esophagal Varicies Portal Hypertension, Philippines General Hospital (PGH)

Little A is just one of the pediatric patients being treated in PGH since he was born. He started suffering from bleeding in the esophagus when he was just a few weeks old. It was correlated with dengue fever, however, the condition went on and on until the final diagnosis. He has a dreadful disease called Gastroinbleeding Esophagal Varicies Portal Hypertension, and medically, giving him only 10 – 12 years of life expectancy. It has been very difficult for the parents especially since they could do very little to ease the pain of their sick child. Little A’s condition is critical as he could die instantly whenever he gets a fever of 40 degrees. He vomits blood as a result of the profuse bleeding in the esophagus.

The father is a security guard who earns a minimum wage. The mother stays at home to take care of little A and their other children.

Little A received medical cash assistance for his maintenance medicine, medical equipment support as well as nutritional needs.

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