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Helping the unwell children with prayers and financial assistance

8 May 2023 (Mon)

Child Medical Assistance Day

Chummy Chum Office

They are just a very small part of many unwell children from indigent families, that no matter how hard the parents work for a living, still do not have enough to provide for the medical and nutritional needs of their sick little angels.

The amount we shared may only last for a month needs, but we sincerely hope it helped eases the burden even for a while. There’s not much we can give, but in our hearts, we pray for the speedy recovery of every sick child, so they may be able to spread their wings, go far and wide and see the beauty of life and be the happiness and inspiration of their parents.

They are just two of many sick children, who were born with blood cancer and two with congenital heart disease.

(Total CMAP Php 60,000, amount is mentioned for transparency and accountability)

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