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Helping Yzzabel reach her dream.

No. 79: Yzzabel Joren De Vera, 6, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, National Children’s Hospital (NCH)

Yzzabel was diagnosed with ALL last December 2019. She currently gets her chemotherapy at the NCH. Yzzable is a jolly and smart child. Despite her illness, she would never complain. She loves to draw and paint and dreams of being a teacher someday.

The mother is a housewife and the father works as an administrative officer in a recruitment agency in Makati. Due to the pandemic, the father’s work reduced to 2 – 3 days a week. This has put them into a more difficult situation particularly in providing the medical needs of Yzzabel.

The mother’s only wish is formula milk for Yzzabel and a small amount of cash assistance for the medication and transportation allowance during the chemotherapy session.

Chummy Chum learned about Yzzable and was pleased learning that despite her health condition, she still look ahead and draw her future in her mind. The founders through the foundation’s team, sent immediately cash assistance for Yzzabel’s medication and nourishment, formula milk, toys and coloring books set with crayons, as well as grocery items to share with the family.

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