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21 April 2024

Cleft Lip / Palate children

Las Pinas, City


The Chummy Chum Foundation was invited to be part of the program Free Surgery for Cleft Lip and Palate Children from Poor Families, a project of the Villar Foundation and Mead Foundation.  The free surgery will be done at the Las Pinas City Medical Center (LPCMC)


This is the first time the Chummy Chum Foundation, Villar Foundation, and Mead Foundation have joined together in a charity mission for indigent children.


The Chummy Chum team came early to the venue at the back of the LPCMC. It was an open ground, shaded by tall trees, keeping the children and everyone cool amidst the hot weather.  Here, the children will be gathered and pre-screened, as part of the preparation for the surgery. The team set up the booth with yummy treats and special gifts like freshly baked muffins and cold juice, freshly-cooked popcorn and cotton candy, coloring books, wrist bands, and Chummy pillows.  The children could not wait any longer, came to the booth, and asked for the yummy treats and special gifts, which the team graciously handed to each child at the venue. The children were delighted.


Not long enough, Senator Cynthia Villar and the Mead Foundation arrived at the site, a signal for the official opening of the program. The parents were excited for their children with the free cleft lip surgical operation. They know how much this noble act would change their children’s lives on a positive note. 


The children were more excited to see Chummy Chum (the mascot) in person right in front of them.  Chummy Chum spent some quality time with the children, played, and had a small chit-chat with them.


A little later, the children and the parents were asked to proceed to the final screening area inside the hospital, to know the vitals of the children and if they were fit to undergo the surgical operations.


The team was equally excited as the parents and guardians of the cleft lip and palate children. They look forward to meeting the children again soon as they lead them the way to a beautiful smile.


Special thanks to Clearlogic, Inc. for helping making every charity event possible.

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