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Loving baby boy Artana.

#148: Baby boy Artana, 1 month, Congenital Heart Disease, OSPAR.

We’ve learned about baby boy Artana from the Malasakit department of the Ospital ng Paranaque. He was born with congenital heart disease. His case was critical as he was recommended to be moved right away to the Philippine Heart Center for a chance to survive. OSPAR needs to have baby Artana take the 2D Echo and other clinical procedures to determine exactly how he should be taken care of. The parents being belonging to the indigent family could not right away provide for the ailing baby’s medical needs.

With the help of the Malasakit Department of OSPAR, we were able to send baby Artana for a 2D Echo, and a small amount of cash to the parent for the baby’s other medical needs. The father who we met and received the assistance at the Malasakit office was in tears of joy knowing that somehow baby Artana has been given a chance to fight for his life.

With heavy hearts, just after a few days of having the 2D Echo and being prepared to be moved to the Philippine Heart Center for advanced medical treatment, baby Artana passed away. His fragility was unable to hold on.

Sad but happy that baby Artana is now in peace and no more pain for him. He had lived for only a few days, but he knew in his heart, his parent had fought for him and did not give up on him up to the last minute, and we are happy that we’ve been part of baby Artana’s very brief journey on earth, fleeting but certainly full of love.

Our sincerest condolence for the loss of the family.

(We did not post the photo of baby Artana, as we share our grief with the family).

Thank you to Ms. May and Ms. Edna of Malasakit, as well as to Nurse Lerma and Mam Susan of the executive office for giving us this opportunity to be the channel of blessings to our sick and indigent little angels from OSPAR.

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