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Medical Assistance for little CJ

CMAP No. 200: CJ, 6, Beta Thalassemia Major, National Children’s Hospital

CJ was diagnosed with life-threatening anemia when he was 3. He has Beta-Thalassemia Major. CJ has been getting a monthly blood transfusion since then, causing a chance of iron overload in his body and other medical complications. He’s taking a maintenance medicine to keep the iron level to what his body needs. It is a really difficult situation for the family since the father earns minimum wage as a construction worker. CJ has a year older brother, they are both attending school in a public facility. Despite the hardships, the parents are doing their best to provide at least the basic needs for the family. However, they knew, their best wasn’t enough to sustain the medical needs of their sick child, thus, humbly requesting any help that can be extended to CJ.

CJ received from CCFPI a Php 20,000 total medical assistance.

(The amount has to be mentioned for transparency and accountability).

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