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Ms. April and Company Shares Blessings to the Kids of the Reception and Study Center for Children Or

April 20, 2017

QUEZON CITY – We partnered with Ms. April last 2011 in a small community in Quezon City and such partnership only happened again today. Now, Ms. April has a family and misses doing charity events. She plans to do outreach programs with her close friends during her birthdays. Her friends contacted the center of the community and scheduled an event for her. It is their first time in this place. There are almost 100 small children, so she wondered what would be appropriate to give/to feed to them. The Chummy Chum team has been here (at RSCC) where children were temporarily held in custody due to legal and family problems, abuse, and abandonment. Some were abandoned due to financial challenges. Some come back to their children, and some don’t. When a children was held in the center for too long, they become ready for adoption.

Today, Ms. April made these children smile and forget the challenges life has given them at a very young age. She gave them waffles and juices. Instead of giving them toys, she focused on the needs of the center. There were entertained by the clowns and Chummy Chum.

We intended to not disclose photos of the kids for their protection.

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