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Ms. Nerlyne's birthday celebration with Chummy Chum on their second stop.

8 Feb 2023 (Wed) 1pm to 3pm Talon Elementary School

Chummy Chum and Ms. Nerlyne, moved to their 2nd venue as they continue to celebrate Ms. Nerlyne’s birthday with the children. This time, they met some sick children gathered at Talon Elementary school, Amadeo Cavite.

The children were so excited to meet Chummy Chum. They knew it would be an awesome day. They came to school really early, and as soon as they hear the Chummy Chum truck pull over, the children jumped for joy.

The program ran quick with clowns, parlor games, storytelling, and the dance number of Chummy chum as the finale. At the end of the event, each child received food packs, gifts, loot bags with yummy treats, along with sets of Chummy Chum give away.

The event was brief but definitely memorable.

Thanks to The SM Store for giving out toys as prizes for parlor games.

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