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REACH IN – Chummy Chum w/ Dra. Alcabasa & La Salle Mission Outreach (LMO) bring smiles to poore

CCF Team headed to Silang, Cavite for a charity activity with Dra. Alcabasa & La Salle Mission Outreach (LMO). The beneficiaries were Grade 1 pupils of Inchiban Elementary School.

Despite the rainy weather, it did not dampen everyone’s spirit as we prepare our booth for the said activity. At first we had a hard time finding a location on where to set up since the venue was limited to one room. We decided to settle in a corner. Dra. Alcabasa invited CCF to assist them and spread cheer to poor students and those who do not have the means to buy school things. Together with LMO, we prepared freebies and school supplies for the children. La Salle teachers encourage their students to donate notebooks and other school supplies to poor students. Every La Salle students from Grade 1-7 were encouraged to donate notebooks, coloring materials, biscuits, etc. that were placed in a plastic envelope and will be distributed during the charity activity.

The children actively participated in parlor games. Most of the kids received prices courtesy of Chummy Chum and other donors. The children were very happy with all the gifts they received. Dra. Alcabasa treated everyone with lunch as it was also her birthday.

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