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Reaching out to children in need of medical assistance. (Dec 2022)

Families are thankful for the blessings they received for their ailing children. Each child received a cash and in-kind value worth Php 10,000 assistance for medical and nutritional needs. (Amount has to be mentioned for transparency and accountability).

CMAP No. 209: JL, 5, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, General Emilio Aguinaldo Medical Center

Little JL was diagnosed with blood cancer when he was 3 years old. For 2 years, she’s been in and out of the hospital for a series of laboratory tests and monthly chemotherapy. The last two years have been the worst deluge for the family since the father lost his job due to the effect of the pandemic at the same time the bad news from the doctor about the little girl’s medical condition.

The father got a new job but had to start with a small salary (under the minimum), while the mother takes care of the sick child. She helps her husband generate income by selling dishwashing liquid and other items that require small capital, but still the combined income is not enough to cover all the basic needs of the family more so the medical needs of JL.


CMAP 210: PAD, 3, Rhabdomyosarcoma, Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC)

Baby boy PAD was found with cancer of the soft tissue that developed at the back of his right eye when he was 1 year old. The medical condition is called Rhabdomyosarcoma. His condition is fatal if not given proper attention. With the aid from the government hospital for children, PAD underwent surgery and it was successful, but he needs to comply with a series of laboratory tests and chemotherapy. Otherwise, cancer can recur and spread to other parts of the body. The father is an on-call service provider while the mother takes care of PAD and his younger sister.


CMAP No. 211: Name: VFV, 4, Congenital Heart Disease Tetralogy of Fallot, Philippine General Hospital (PGH)

Little VFV was born with congenital heart disease and was strongly recommended to undergo an open heart surgery under bypass procedure. The father is an on-call technician and the mother takes care of the sick child. The family has squeezed all possible resources but still not enough (not even close) to cover all the necessary laboratory and clinical tests and maintenance medicine needed for their sick child. They are seeking any help that can be extended to their child in preparation for VFV’s inevitable urgent surgical procedure.


CMAP No. 212: JE, 8, Congenital Heart Disease, Tricuspid Valve Atresia (TVA), Philippine Heart Center (PHC)

JE was born with a complex congenital heart disease where the valve that controls blood flow from the right upper chamber of the heart to the right lower chamber of the heart doesn’t form at all. He needs a series of heart surgical operations. Since his diagnosis, he underwent 2 open-heart surgeries, and both were successful. He has been on maintenance medicines and is being monitored regularly through clinical and laboratory tests. He is scheduled for his 3rd and (hopefully) final surgical procedures which the parents are seeking help with. The father is an on-call technician while the wife takes care of their sick child. The income cannot support the required medical treatment of the little boy.

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