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Rotaract of Kabataang West Rembo and International Netherlands Group Made Kids Smile with Chummy Chu

February 25, 2016

WEST REMBO, MAKATI – We received an email last month requesting for a place somewhere near Makati only. We immediately searched for contacts and found the Rotary of Kabataang West Rembo, leading us to Brgy. Mangga. We arrived early so that we would still be able to get things done. The place is not spacious because there are cars parked along the road. We went to the open court and saw the food we ordered already there. The local councilor helped in preparing the booths for the distribution of the stubs. Although some children tried to sneak on the line for the stub, the party still started on time with the clowns entertaining the children with games. Then, a picture-taking with Chummy Chum was done as the children loved him. The group had prepared a lot of giveaways from groceries to school supplies. Wonderful enough, everyone was happy as they all received gifts.

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