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Saving baby girl Biaco.

No. 178, Baby girl Biaco, 2 mos, Premature Delivery, OSPAR

2 months old

Premature Delivery

Ospital ng Paranaque

We received a request from the hospital about the urgent needs of one of their baby patients. They are twins prematurely delivered by under 3 weeks on their due date. They were kept in the incubators, both twins have a strong will to live. The 1st twin after 2 weeks were sent home, while the 2nd was left due to an unstable health condition. She has to undergo more tests to check what’s really going on with her. However, the required lab tests were not available at OSPAR, the family has to get them from the outside laboratory, which huge cost they have to shoulder. The father is a construction worker and his earnings could not cover the medical needs of his unwell child. He has nowhere to turn for help. The Malasakit Department (the social welfare department of the hospital) knows the economic situation of the family and they have to do something to save baby girl Biaco. They’ve thought about Chummy Chum Foundation. They request help for baby girl Biaco through email. Immediately they received a reply from the foundation about when they can meet the parents to hand over the needs that the unwell little angel needs.

As soon as the father received the help at the Malasakit office, he paid for the lab test, and the rest of the fund was given to his family’s other needs.

The Malasakit team and the father were so grateful for the help that has been extended to baby Biaco, and everyone wishes for her speedy recovery.

Thank you for the kind heart of the founder of the Chummy Chum Foundation who never hesitated to help the most in need.

CMAP Value : Php 10,000 (for transparency and accoutability)

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