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Sending love for little Sofie.

No. 93: Sofie Louise Ticman, 3, Ewings Sarcoma Cancer, PCMC

Sofie has diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma Cancer. She underwent major surgical operations at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC) wherein her 1 kidney and part of the small intestine were removed as the cancer cells spread out. She still needs to undergo regular radiation therapy for which facility is not available in PCMC but can only acquire from big private hospitals only. The parents are blank on where to get a medical fund for the sick child. The father was a tricycle driver and as the medical treatment of Sofie started, the family got indebted. The tricycle unit for which the only source of income was pulled out due to failure to pay the monthly amortization. The parents-in-law are the ones supporting the family for a time.

As soon as the story of Sofie reached the attention of Chummy Chum, the founder sent urgent help with cash assistance for the sick child’s medical management, formula milk for her nourishment, and grocery items to share with the family. The Chummy Chum team also gave Sofie a set of coloring books and crayons, Chummy Chum tiny dolls, and wrist band. Just to keep Sofi reminded, that once in her early life, Chummy Chum had been part of it.

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