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Sending love to little Gabgab.

No. 149: Gabby P. Alaba, 3, Retinoblastoma both eye cancer Stage 3, Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC)

Gabgab was born with eye cancer. He was suffering from this progressive disease for 3 years now. The father works as a janitor and earns a gross income of Php 14,000 a month. The mother is a full-time mother to her sick child. Because of the meager income, the family has to live with the mother’s parents. The parents have been doing their best to make meet ends, but most part of the income is allotted for Gabgab’s medical management, leaving them almost nothing for other basic needs like food. It’s okay for the parents to miss meals a day. They can bear the pain of the stomach but not the pain they felt whenever they failed to provide for their sick son. Gabgab’s MRI procedure is nearing, and that troubles the parents so much.

With the founder’s generosity, Gabgad received cash assistance for his medical management and other needs of the family, as well as grocery items along with Chummy Chum freebies such as coloring books, mini stuff toys, and wristbands.

CMAP Value Php 15,000 (value has to be mentioned for transparency purposes).

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