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Simple Token Brought Great Joy to the Community Children

12 April 2023 (Wed) Community Kids Pantry by Mam Rona

Chummy Chum gladly joined Mam Rona in celebrating 3 years anniversary of the Community Kids Pantry she started to channel her blessings to the less fortunate children from their community at Algeciras St. Sampaloc, Manila.

The children were surprised with special gifts and yummy treats. They loved the sweetness of the cotton candy and the freshly cooked popcorn. At the end of the event, Chummy Chum (the mascot) joined the children and had a little chat with them.

The mission was a success – all the children at that very moment were happy and hoped that Chummy Chum would come back and visit them again soon.

Thank you, Mam Rona, The SM Store, the volunteers, and the entire Chummy Chum team.

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