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Surprising children in the queue from JJASGENH.

January 13, 202: Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital.

The Chummy Chum team visited the OPD-Pedia Department of JJASGENH- located at Numancia St. Tondo, Manila.

Children in the queue waiting for their turn to be checked up by their Pediatrician were surprised by the unannounced visit of Chummy Chum. Every child received Chummy Chum coloring books, stuffed toys, and wristbands along with loot bags of yummy treats as well as special gifts from partner donors. Chummy Chum (the mascot) joined the children in the queue and played with them for a while. All the children were very happy.

Thank you to our partner donors: Tramo Central Group for assorted biscuits, Ms. Rona for the toddler’s gift items, Sir Juvie for pretty stuffed toys, and GTVL for assorted school supplies.

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