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Surprising the children from Alabang with Chummy Chum and St. Joseph Parish Church team.

Updated: 4 days ago

28 April 2024

Indigent Children from Alabang

San Roque Church


Chummy Chum joined the St. Joseph Parish Church at a charity mission for children from Alabang, Muntinlupa.


The children were gathered in the San Roque church administration office where the program was held. The group from the St. Joseph church led by Ms. Joanna Nabor brought food packs and shoes for the children. They also tagged along a clown duo who performed magic shows and parlor games with prizes for all the winners.


The Chummy Chum team brought freshly cooked popcorn and cotton candy, freshly baked muffins, and juice for all the children; as well as special gifts like coloring books, wristbands, and Chummy Chum pillows.  Of course, Chummy Chum (the mascot) was always a big surprise for the children. They were delighted to see Chummy Chum who did a dance performance and a little chit-chat with the children.


120 children, 120 smiles, Ms. Joanna and her entire team were very happy serving the children with Chummy Chum.


Special thanks to Ms. Nikki and Ms. Dana for volunteering at the event, and to Clearlogic, Inc. for letting the CCFPI use their company vehicle during the charity event implementation.

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