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TGIF for the children of Sunrise Creekside

8 March 2024

Indigent Children from the Sunrise Creekside

San Antonio, Paranaque City

Thank God It’s Friday, the most favorite day of the week for many people. For the children of Sunrise Creek, it was just amazing.

Chummy Chum and the team visited the children from this part of the community in Paranaque City. Surrounding might look depressing, but the spirit of the children was so alive, especially when they saw and met Chummy Chum for the first time, up close and personal.

Not every day, do these children receive a visit. It was just sweet and thoughtful. The Chummy Chum team brought a set of yummy snacks and a special gift for each child they met.

The moment was brief, but the memory remains in the children's hearts.

Chummy Chum has just met and made new friends. Thank you to all the volunteers and friends who helped make this visit successful.

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