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The cry for help of little Justine was heard.

No. 153: Justine Jerome R. Galliguez Age: 7Case: Beta-Thalassemia Major HemosiderosisHospital: NCH

Unlike the others, here the sick child is the one seeking help. He is Justine, 7, and born with abnormal blood producing-activity. His disease if not given proper medical attention could be fatal. Mark is the youngest among 5 siblings. His father has been a PWD since he got a stroke about 4 years ago. The breadwinner of the family is the mother, she does laundry for a living. But came this pandemic, the mother gets lesser laundry jobs. The mother has to feed all 7 members of the family and providing for the medical needs of her younger child has been always a punishment. Mark seeks any help that can be extended to him.

Chummy Chum sent help right away with cash assistance for the medical management of little Justine, and other family’s needs, as well as grocery items and Chummy Chum freebies such as coloring books, mini stuff toys, and wristbands.

CMAP Value Php 15,000 (value has to be mentioned for transparency purposes).

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