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Chummy Chum Foundation Philippines Inc. (CCFPI) was established on November 27,  2007, by the Genomal Family in continuation of the humanitarian values their parents had set upon their family. A non-profit organization and family foundation,  CCFPI focuses on the needs of indigent, underprivileged children. 

A wise man once said “With just one act of unconditional love and kindness, you can inspire others to go out and plant seeds of happiness through giving. Your greatest  gift is the ability to share your blessings; it’s what makes life meaningful.” 

“They are God’s special ones, therefore we must make it our individual responsibility to share our blessings and care for these indigent little children – because they have no voice and they have no choice. Whom do they have but us!” 


– Ramesh Genomal, President 


Chummy Chum is a cute, funny-looking baby dinosaur. His purple bluish color represents the highest level of spiritual awareness. His apple-green toddler short pants represent a child’s innocence and un-corrupted thoughts. His red and white striped T-Shirt is a cheerful manifestation of his happy character and loving purpose. He is over 6 feet tall. 

He was originally created to be used in the Genomal business for a children’s garments line but the Lord had a better plan for him. 

Wanna know a little bit more about him?


Always having a soft spot for deprived children, the Genomal family created the  Chummy Chum Foundation Philippines, Inc. in September 2007, with a mission to bring love, attention, and joyfulness to the destitute children who need it the most.  The foundation concentrates most of its efforts on children who are terminally ill. 


Chummy Chum makes his appearance several days a week at hospitals,  orphanages, and other children's centers month after month, year after year.  

The Chummy Chum Foundation is self-funded by the Genomal family. They do not solicit cash donations from anyone. Donations can, however, be accepted provided it is in the form of children’s books, toys, candy, and of course in the form of personal service volunteers who can give their time for storytelling, group games, or assisting in the distribution of goodies.

Prioritizing indigent and sick children.

Unlike other cartoon characters created for fun, Chummy Chum is directed toward God’s special little ones who are unwell or have been inflicted with terminal and rare ailments with little or no chance of survival.

Up to their last moments, Chummy Chum will be there with them to bring them joy and make them smile. He will touch their hearts with love. They will be pampered, listened to, and noticed, regardless of race or creed. 


Smile For Me Little One


Child Medical Assistance


Infant Survival -

Infant Incubator Loan Program

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