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Our Voluntary Partner Donors

The Chummy Chum Foundation announces its charity activities on its official Facebook Page. This has inspired a lot of individuals and institutions as well to join its missions in a form of collaboration or just simply give what they think is the most needed of a particular child or group of children.


Words about the Chummy Chum's mission have spread fast and wide. It brings many institutional friends who help and share their blessings with the children, for which the foundation is truly grateful of.  


Our Voluntary Partner Donors - Individual

The foundation's vision has been continuously realized as many individuals come forward and express their willingness to help in the form of cash or in-kind. These individuals voluntarily send their donations through the foundation or directly to needy children. Some of them have been the foundation's partner-donor since the beginning, From 1 became 2,3, and currently, there are more and counting. They are people from different walks of life, and different economic status, old, young, married, single, employees, self-employed and even students.  

I am inspired of the foundation's consistency and transparency on how they help the children in need. 

I am a small business owner and dedicated myself to help the indigent unwell children through the Chummy Chum Foundation.

I am saving money out of my small income and vowed to give it to the most in need on a monthly basis.

I send the help directly to the beneficiarie's parents or guardians with the help and guidance of the Chummy Chum Foundation. 

Anonymous Mam Luisa

Volunteer Donor

Many thanks to you!


You are instrumental in making me and my family fulfill our mission to be of help to others and for my birthday celebration to be a very meaningful one.


May the good Lord continue to bless you.

Ms. Beth Lleva and Pineda Family

Volunteer Donor

I learned the mission of Chummy Chum Foundation through its FB page. 

They give joy to the children suffering pain from different illnesses, and even sent immediate cash assistance for urgent medical needs of indigent pediatric patients.

I want to help by voluntarily  providing a small business package to the parents of the little warrior, so that they will have an extra income in times of emergencies.

It is my own initiative and I am grateful of doing it with Chummy Chum.


Volunteer Donor

I am an OFW and saw the chaity events and other activities that Chummy Chummy has been doing for several years.

I knew then, that even I am far away my help will reach the most in need children in my home land. 

So whenever I got an opporutnity, I send whatever I can to help.

I am happy that I will be able share my blessings, and thankful that Chummy Chum accepted me as their volunteer partner donor.


Anonymous R

Volunteer Donor

Following the FB page of Chummy Chum Foundation has been a habit to me for quite a time now.

I am always touched of how they cheer up the underprivileged children. 

I am amazed that the foundation does not solicit help, but inspires other to share their blessings with the needy.

I adore the foundation's dedication, commitment, transparency and accountability on every mission they do.

I am glad to know about Chummy Chum, I am able to help in my own little way.


Anonymous A

Volunteer Donor

For public hospitals that do not have available infant incubators or ventilators at the time a pediatric patient is in urgent need, Chummy Chum lends these types of equipment free of charge. Read More.


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