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Chummy Chum India

In 2019, The Chummy Chum Foundation has brought its charity mission all the way to the land of India. A promising country that is known for its food, culture, its massive population, its natural landscapes, its languages, classical dances, Bollywood or the Hindi film industry, and the birthplace of yoga, spirituality, and natural beauty.


Lawfully registered with the Republic of India, Chummy Chum India is a separate independent entity. It has its own team to bring joy to little Indian boys and girls, and its own administration to carry out the program.


Chummy Chum India has the same mission, vision, and goal as the Philippines. Currently, it is actively implementing the Smile For Me Little One Program (SFMLOP) doing the same as Chummy Chum does in the Philippines.


The Chummy Chum India Operations Manager welcomes any related concerns there may have.

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