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Helping our little man to carry on.

“You’re a true superhero Little Man. Get well soon”. – unknown

CMAP No. 198: SN, 3, Crohn’s Disease, Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC)

SN was diagnosed with inflammation in the digestive tract. It is medically known as Chron’s Disease. It started when baby SN’s poops come with blood, and at times, he moves blood literally. He is now being treated at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center.

SN’s condition is an autoimmune disease that critically requires him to undergo a bi-monthly routine of laboratory tests and monthly medical check-ups. He also has maintenance medicines. It is a lifetime medical condition. With this unfortunate situation, the stronger the family holds onto their faith, asking for guidance and help for them to carry on. The father is an on-call driver and earns below Php 8,000 a month, and the mother stays at home taking care of the sick child.

SN received medical cash assistance for his maintenance medicine and nutritional needs.

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