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Smile For Me Little One Program (SFMLOP)

Started in 2007

A CHARITY OF LOVE program in the form of a special event (children’s party).  During this event, fresh popcorn and cotton candy are given away along with special prizes and gift items. Every child over 4 years of age gets a Chummy Chum coloring book and crayons, while the toddlers get a Chummy Chum stuffed doll. 

Chummy Chum arm bands are also given to the little kids. Storytelling about Chummy Chum is part of the program. A Chummy Chum mascot dance performance is always the highlight of the event. On some occasions, sponsor-donated food, drinks, toys, and cookies, are also distributed during this event. 

This program aims to bring about a happy and emotional uplift among children, especially those stricken with terminal ailments, to make them feel loved and not alone. The program always successfully brings enjoyment,  amusement, and lighthearted pleasure to the children in the hospital wards and centers. 

It is worth mentioning that many individuals are joining our mission by celebrating their special day with indigent and sick children through the SFMLOP. It is called the Charity of Love.

SFMLOP runs 2 - 3x a week.

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Child Medical Assistance Program (CMAP)

This program prioritizes children from financially challenged families who are unable to receive medical assistance from government hospitals/ institutions. There have been situations when children are unable to receive the required treatment from a government hospital/institution because the medical equipment required was unavailable. CCFPI helps these children by locating other hospitals or institutions whether private or government that can provide the necessary equipment. Chummy  Chum then, either arranges for the transport of the child patient to the facility or finances the fees required for the use of the equipment. There have also been situations where indigent children are released from hospitals and are required to take certain post-treatment medication which their parents cannot afford.


CCFPI  makes every effort to pay from its own funds, or if the amount required is too substantial, then CCFPI will seek donors to finance the medication. On occasions,  CCFI has taken upon itself the added effort of helping to find (through its contacts)  employment for parents so that they can have the means of paying for the required medication for their children.

CMAP has granted 311 pediatric patients with Php 2.3M cash assistance in total to date.

Infant Survival Program (ISP)
+ Child Survival Maintenance Program (CSMP)

ISP was established to provide lifesaving incubators and ventilators to public hospitals and health care facilities for infants. The objective is to aid the shortage of such machines that endanger the lives of premature-born babies.


ISP comes with  CSMP where the foundation conducts cost-free maintenance and service of hospital equipment in public hospitals and health facilities. In this program, donors are welcome to sponsor incubators or other life-saving medical equipment for public infant care centers. CCFI will either finance the Incubators/ventilators from its own funds or seek donors to finance the purchase of the needed equipment. 

There were 25 units of brand-new infant incubators given to several government hospitals and public health care facilities.

Beneficiaries of the ISP

  • Newborn with a medical condition that requires intensive care. II. Prematurely delivered infant 

  • Public hospitals and healthcare facilities with a high volume of child  patients and lack Incubators and other medical equipment

Infant Incubator Loan Program (IILP)

ISP has extended its service to lending the infant incubator unit to public hospitals and health care facilities located within the National Capital Region for a specific infant patient who needs urgent intensive care, totally free of charge.


Ventilator Loan Program (VLP) 

The founder and the board of trustees decided to launch another lifesaving equipment loan program that is more vital and in demand these days since our health is threatened by vicious diseases causing breathing difficulties in patients. In March 2023, VLP was started. The concept is exactly the same as IILP, but what's made the VLP more beautiful - it serves not only infants but all ages in children. It can also serve specific cases in adults for the boards' review and approval.

For public hospitals that do not have available infant incubators or ventilators at the time a pediatric patient is in urgent need, Chummy Chum lends these types of equipment free of charge. Read More.


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