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To bring love and affection to children who need it most:

*  Indigent, terminally-ill children who are confined in hospital rooms waiting for their time to come.

*  Children who have been abused and neglected.

*  Orphans who have no parents to give them the love and care we give to our own children.

*  Children who need special attention as well as those who are born prematurely.

* Children who belong to poor communities.

* Handicapped children who cannot fend for themselves


To bring selfless, unconditional love and joy to little indigent and sick children; and by doing this, setting an example and making people from all walks of life understand that the real essence of love and happiness is through giving.

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* To bring smiles and moments of joy to indigent children afflicted with various ailments with special attention given to children stricken with terminally ill diseases. The objective is to focus and provide as much love, joy, and attention in their final moments on Earth.

* To assist in providing medical assistance to children from poor families.


* To create a platform that connects people and companies to children in need.


* To come up with charity programs for the benefit of children from poor families.

* To directly donate, or arrange donations of incubators and/or other medical equipment from private individuals or entities for use in public hospitals and health facilities.

* To perform free regular maintenance and repair of incubators and other child survival equipment in public hospitals in order to ensure the safety and performance of both donated and existing incubators.

Smile For Me Little One


Child Medical Assistance


Infant Survival -

Infant Incubator & Ventilator Loan Program

For public hospitals that do not have available infant incubators or ventilators at the time a pediatric patient is in urgent need, Chummy Chum lends these types of equipment free of charge. Read More.

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