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SFMLOP's objective is to give joy to the less fortunate children most especially those who have been stricken with terminal illnesses. It is a charity children’s party being conducted at least 2 – 3 x a week at the pediatric wards of public hospitals, orphanages, poor communities, and centers for children with special needs, and runs for 2 hours at the most.  SFMLOP inclusions are Chummy Chum coloring books and crayons, wristbands, stuffed toys, popcorn, and cotton candy. The highlight of the event is the Chummy Chum mascot appearance, dance performance, and playtime with the children. The event is hyped up with Chummy Chum jingle music all throughout, bubble machines and display balloons. The team members conduct parlor games and give out prizes to all winners and participants. Services are all free of charge.

SFMLOP is the primary program of the foundation. It started giving joy to the less fortunate and unwell children in 2007. The peak is always in Q4 of every year.  SFMLOP slowed down at the onset of the Covid19 pandemic that periled the lives of many people. For two (2) years the charity event was stopped. 

In May 2022, the foundation resumed implementing charity events. The foundation accepted many collaborations with voluntary partner donors, who wish to celebrate their birthdays and other special occasions with underprivileged and unwell children. 

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