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Charity of Love

You Can Celebrate Your Birthday With Us.

You can celebrate your birthday and any special occasion in a most meaningful way with less fortunate children on our Smile For Me Little One Program (SFMLOP).


Together, let's bring joy to indigent and underprivileged children:


 * Unwell children especially those terminally ill.

 * Children from orphanages.

 * Children with special needs - SPED from public institutions.

 * Children in conflicts with the law from public facilities.

 * Children from the poorest of the poor community

 * Street children in Public Development Center


We will combine your shares with our very own Chummy Chum personalized give-away (coloring books, dolls, and wristbands), yummy treats, and special prizes, along with freshly cooked popcorn and cotton candy, carried out with a children's party balloons, bubble blowing, collection of Chummy Chum jingle, and the most loved part by the children, the Chummy Chum mascot appearance and dance performance (plus wonderful gifts from partner-donors like toys, school supplies, etc, upon availability at the time of the event). Hey, we will also tell you a story about Chummy Chum.


We will be happy to collaborate with you in our mission – to give love and joy to children who are in need the most. 

              Let us know.

See who had celebrated their birthdays and special occasions with us... 

24 May 2023
Celebrating Mam Fatima's son's birthday with the underprivileged children from along the river bank of Tondo, Manila.

15 April 2023

Sir Russel spent time with the children at the Concordia Orphanage on his special day.

1 April 2023

Celebrating Sir lance's son's 1st birthday with the unwell children in ChildHaus. Giving back to the needy is such a meaningful way of celebrating the blessings of another life.

7 March 2023

Ms. Regine celebrated her special day with the children from the Hema Ward of the

National Children’s Hospital.

4 March 2023

Advanced celebration of Ms. Krizia's birthday with the children at Masaya Homes, Virlanie Foundation.

4 March 2023

Celebrating Mommy Van's special day and Shiro's charity party with the little girls of

Oasi di Gioia Per Bambine Foundation

11 February 2023

Ms. Jen, once again, collaborated with the Chummy Chum Foundation to celebrate her birthday with the children from CHILDhaus.

8 February 2023

Mam Nerlyne Lim with Chummy Chum surprised the children with special needs from SPED -  Alfonso Elementary School, Alfonso, Cavite

8 February 2023

Mam Nerlyne Lim's birthday celebration continued to bring joy to the children, this time from

Talon Elementary School, Amadeo Cavite.

8 February 2023

Mam Nerlyne Lim's 3rd destination as she continued to celebrate her birthday with the children from Indang Cavite.

28 January 2023

Mam Nina Prim Bernardino celebrated her special day with brought joy to the children confined at the National Children's Hospital.

For public hospitals that do not have available infant incubators or ventilators at the time a pediatric patient is in urgent need, Chummy Chum lends these types of equipment free of charge. Read More.

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