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Helping ZJ sees clearly the beauty of life.

“I’m so proud of how brave you are in fighting this battle. Get well soon dear child”. – unknown

CMAP No. 196: ZJ, 6, Retinoblastoma Bilateral Stage 2, Philippine Children’s Medical Center

ZJ was 2 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer in the eye called Retino Blastoma Bilateral Stage 2, at PCMC in 2018. She underwent eye surgery and 3 months of chemotherapy in the same year. ZJ has an artificial right eye. She has 4 siblings. Her father was a former jeepney driver and now doing a legitimate motorcycle ride pooling (habal habal) for a living. The income barely covers the family’s basic needs, more so the medical needs of ZJ.

ZJ received medical cash assistance for the replacement of her artificial eye, maintenance medications, and other clinical treatment needs.

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