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A bunch of love for little Kiemi.

Kiemi S .Avila, Age 4, Coronary Heart Disease TOF

Apart from Coronary Heart Disease, little Kiemi has Autism Spectrum Disorder with Global Development Delay. The father is a minimum wage earner as a sales technician, and the mother is the one who takes care of Kiemi and her younger sibling. The family struggles to provide for the medical needs of the sick child as this health condition requires maintenance medicine, routine check-up, selective nutritious food for proper nourishment, immense patience, and great love from the parents, relatives, and friends. Chummy Chum delivered help with the medical assistance fund, supplements, nutritious food, toys, coloring book set with crayons, grocery items, and cash that the family could use in any way it may serve them best. The family will be forever thankful.

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