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An aid for Marc’s life-long treatment.

No. 73: Marc Angel D. Pasamba, 3, Rectal Prolapse, NCH / PGH

The father was seeking help for both his sick child and wife. It has been very painful for the head of the family to see his wife and son struggling in pain due to illnesses that no one could ever wish for, and could not do more to make them well. The child has a very discomforting rectal prolapse that is manageable but requires life-long treatment. What makes it more difficult for the father is seeing his wife with lymphoma lung cancer who has been undergoing chemotherapy and also requires life-long medical management. The father has recently lost his regular job due to the pandemic, and currently driving a shuttle van for limited hours. He could provide for the basic needs of his family, but not enough to cover the medical needs of his sick child (and wife).

The founder has felt the father’s pain as well as the discomfort of the medical condition of the child and sent help right away. Marc received cash assistance for his medical management and nourishment as well as grocery items to share with the whole family. The father was more than happy to received such blessings and will be forever thankful.

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