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Caring for little Eunice.

No. 143: Eunice Yvonne A. Lopez, 9, Sever Bone Marrow Failure, PGH

Eunice is the eldest among 4 children. She was diagnosed with severe blood cancer due to bone marrow failure. Eunice has been with different public hospitals and specialists, as her medical condition keeps getting worse as time goes by due to insufficient or lack of proper medications and treatment. Finally, at the PGH, Eunice receives routine blood transfusions, regular clinical tests, and medications. . She can still be saved by a bone marrow transplant (a very expensive and critical surgical procedure) or with maintenance medicines (which are too very expensive). Eunice needs to be maintained with specific medicines for which the parents could not afford.

Chummy Chum shared cash assistance for Eunice’s medical management and grocery items to share with the family.

CMAP Value Php 7,000 (value has to be mentioned for transparency purposes).

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