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Chummy Chu w/ SM Foundation, Visits Sisters of Mary Boystown, Silang Cavite

CCF headed to Silang, Cavite for another medical dental mission with SM Foundation at Sisters of Mary Boystown.

At first we thought that Sisters of Mary is an institution for wayward young boys who wanted to change their lives for good, we found out later that it was not the case. Instead, The Sisters of Mary helps some select kids who belong to the poorest of the poor and send them to school and give them proper education.

This purpose has been clearly defined in the mission-vision of the Sisters of Mary School. It includes the molding of the graduates to teach and lead by example the Marian virtues of simplicity, charity, gratitude and joy. The greatest move that the school has done since its establishment is the giving of opportunities to the poorest of the poor but deserving students to be educated.

These students are given access to high quality secondary education with emphasis both in academic and vocational-technical curriculum. They are molded to become ideal high school graduates committed to serve the nation, to love their fellow men, and to spread moral and spiritual values based on the Gospels.

On this day, SM Foundation is here to provide free medical and dental check up to these kids as CCF bring smiles to their faces through entertainment and freebies.

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