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Chummy Chum Collaborates with Order of Malta Medical Mission, PHAP Cares, SM Foundation, and Saint M

February 11, 2017

INTRAMUROS, MANILA – The team left the headquarters early because of the anticipated traffic in Manila. We went to the address given to us, but there were some changes with the location of the event. Even our contact to the event was not informed of the changes that happened. For a while, we parked our van somewhere while waiting for updates about the new venue. While doing so, we saw doctors we have worked with recently. They went to the venue. People who are about to get free medical assistance also started arriving. Medicines were given for free, then they proceed to Chummy Chum’s booth where they will receive giveaways and popcorn. Chummy Chum was also there to entertain children while they are getting and waiting their check ups.

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