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Chummy Chum Delights Checkup Kids at SMF’s Medical Mission in San Lazaro

“Thank you Chummy Chum for bringing smile to us” said a kid after her check-up from SM Foundation’s Medical Mission for the poor families living around SM San Lazaro Manila.

Yearly SM Foundation receives a request from SM San Lazaro to hold a free medical-dental mission in their area to help the poor families in their community. It is not true that the beneficiaries of their Medical Mission are the mall goers. SMF distribute their stubs to the poorest communities near SM San Lazaro.

On that day, almost half of the 1,500 beneficiaries weren’t able to attend because of the ongoing fiesta celebration at a nearby barangay. 700 adults and 200 kids showed up for the medical mission, which is not bad at all.

As early as 7:00AM, SMF’s team of doctors and medical staff were already there as they set up their xray van, arranged the medical equipment, medicines, tables & chairs, meals for the volunteer doctors and staff including CCF team.

Big thanks to Ms. Erika Buenafe for the additional refreshments.

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