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Chummy Chum Graces Foundation Day of Alfonso Central Elementary School

CCF Team went to Tagaytay City to spend the day entertaining poor students and SPED kids of Alfonso Elementary School on their Foundation Day Celebration. Alfonso Central SPED celebrated its 3rdyear of educating poor SPED children who cannot afford to go to private SPED schools. Today we were able to cheer up the SPED Kids on the founding anniversary of Alfonso Central.

There is a SPED school before this that caters to children with special needs although it is considered as semi-private. When Alfonso Central established a SPED school, most of the students from that semi-private school transferred to Alfonso since it is free. The owner of the said semi-private school felt bad to the point that they even asked us not to entertain the invitation of Alfonso, so when we accepted Alfonso Central’s invitation, the said semi-private SPED school felt bad. We at CCF aims to serve the poor and neglected children and for everyone who wish to share their blessings to these poor kids.

Thank you to Ma’am Trina for the lootbags.

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