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Chummy Chum Graces PJPS Scholars’ Christmas Party

Date: December 4, 2016

CCF Team headed to Katarungan Village in Muntinlupa to grace PJPS Scholars’ Christmas Party. We were invited numerous times by the new president of PJPS but our schedules just don’t match.

Good thing we finally had a matched schedule so the event pushed through. When we got to the venue, the kid beneficiaries were already at the venue. They are children of poor inmates detained in Muntinlupa jail.

Since the kids were already there, we immediately set up and cooked popcorn for the children. There are some who are impatient and like to have a popcorn even if we politely tell them that they are reserved for the children and will be distributed later. It’s sad to know that there are some who are very persistent and would even make a scene. So, to avoid conflict, we give in to their request. The president was very apologetic for that person’s behavior. We were very understanding and patient and we just think that all we do is to make children happy.

We would like to thank Ms. Ruth for some of the toys and lootbags for the small kids.

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