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Chummy Chum humbly offers help to brave little Freicious.

Maria Freicious D. Visaya, Age 3, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

Little Frecious is being treated at the National Children’s Hospital where part of her medical treatment is subsidized by the government. She needs to undergo weekly chemotherapy for which the cost has to be borne by the family.  The father earns a minimum wage for a private company as a messenger and his earnings are not enough for the medical needs of the child. The mother takes care of the sick child.

On this day, Chummy Chum is pleased to be part of Little Frecious journey as she bravely conquers the life-threatening disease not to mention the pain and discomfort it brought her. Chummy Chum humbly offers a medical assistance fund, supplements, maintenance medicine, fresh fruits, toys, a coloring book set with crayons to the little princess, one month supply of grocery items for the whole family, and cash that they can use in whichever way it could serve them best.

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