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Chummy Chum joins Mrs. Sison’s birthday treat at Bahay Aruga

This year, she chose to spend them with poor sick children at Bahay Aruga.

For almost seven (7) years, Mrs. Sison has entrusted CCF to organize charity activities for her and we are very grateful of her trust.

On this day, we were a bit surprised as there were 70 kids (from an original estimate of 50) present in the event.

However, it did not pose a problem because we just simply ordered additional food. We have already finished setting up when the donor arrived and she saw what we prepared.

Everyone is satisfied by the united efforts of those who made this possible, Bahay Aruga, Mrs. Sison & CCF.

We intended not to disclose pictures of the kids from Bahay Aruga for their protection; the kids in the picture are from the local daycare center.


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