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Chummy Chum Joins Thanksgiving Program at Philippine Cancer Institute’s OPD

June 21, 2019 Friday 9am to 12nn Opd of Cancer Institute of PGH Faura st.Taft Ave Manila.

Chummy Chum has helped Ms. Axee to celebrate his son’s recovery from cancer by holding a thanksgiving program at the OPD of the Philippine Cancer Institute. Ms. Axee reached out and requested to have Chummy Chum on board this program. This program is held to celebrate her son being cancer-free for about a year. She also prays for his son’s continuous recovery. With the help of Ms. Axee’s friends, they were able to invite Chummy Chum and provide giveaways for the kids. The Hands of God Charity Work and CCFPI, answered immediately to Ms. Axee’s request, to make the program possible.

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