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Chummy Chum Spread Joy and Cheer to Sick Kids at National Children’s Hospital OPD

CCF conducted a hospital visit to National Children’s Hospital Out Patient Department (NCH-OPD).

We treated several sick children, especially those with cancer. We’ve been doing this for five (5) years already, some of the patients have already passed away and some are continuously fighting the Big C.

We take pity especially to those new cancer patients and are clueless of what to do. CCF has become a bridge, for these less fortunate kids, not only to avail free medicines but also find them sponsors for their expensive medical treatment.

God is truly good as He continue to use us as His instrument to help these poor children.

On our part, we consider it a big reward just to see them smile and lessen the burden that these kids feel.

Big thank you to Ms. Elyn Aracid for the additional refreshment.

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