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Chummy Chum visited the and brought fun to sick children of Ospital ng Sampaloc and check also dona

February 15, 2019 Friday 9am to 11am Ospital ng Sampaloc at Sampaloc,Manila.

Medical kits were donated to Chummy Chum by a relative of Mrs Sison who is working abroad. The medical kit, along with food and gifts were donated in turn by Chummy Chum to the Ospital ng Sampaloc which truly appreciated the donation.

Actually, the donation was supposed to have been given last December but due to conflicting schedules it did not materialize. However, a gift-giving project to the hospital led the way to its donation.

The event featured food stalls and sari-sari stores to raise funds that will go to the hospitals budget for their anniversary. Chummy Chum also gamely placed a booth and gave foods and gifts for free. The children who milled around the booth were so happy to know that they were receiving free gifts and blessings from Chummy Chum.

After the gift-giving and check up the children, along with Chummy Chum staffers, were treated to a sumptuous lunch as a way to say thank you for the years of support given to the hospital. As usual it was our pleasure and until our next stop, our hearts were filled with joy for the opportunity to help.

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