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Chummy Chum Visits Children’s Cancer Ward of V. Luna General Hospital

CCF Team headed to V. Luna General Hospital to visit the cancer kid patients at the Hema Ward. We also went to the hospital as per their request to check the old incubator and see if it can still be fixed under our CMSEP Division. While 2 staff of CCF are manning the booth, the other 2 are inspecting/checking the incubator.

The security in the said hospital is tight, we had to inform the soldier assigned in the entrance of the hospital of our intention. We got to interact and mingle with cancer kids who are children of poor soldiers and gave said children with Chummy Chum freebies.

Thank you to Ms. Jentricia for the additional refreshments and Ms. Ruth for the gifts.

The girl in the picture, Lara, says thank you to Chummy Chum for the gift she received and for checking and replacing the photo therapy light of the old incubator of the said hospital

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