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Chummy Chum Visits OPD-Pedia of DJRMH

Next hospital visit for CCF is at Dr. Jose Rizal Memorial Hospital (DJRMH) located at Tala, Caloocan City.

The staff at the DJRMH Director’s Office were delighted to hear that CCF will pay their hospital a visit and spread cheer to out-patient kids. At this time, they have a different hospital director as the previous one has already retired but we did not encounter any problem in scheduling because the secretary is still the same.

We got to the hospital early to set up and it was a pleasant surprise that we were given a different area to set up our booth as the space is wider compared to the previous one.

The kids excitedly lined up to us and get snacks for free. Afterwards, Chummy Chum came out to entertain the crowd.

Thank you to Ms. Ericka Buenafe for the additional refreshments.

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