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Chummy Chum w/ Sta Ana Hospital staff Christmas treat to orphaned kids

Next stop is Sta. Ana Hospital Concordia Orphanage which transferred to a better place from their previous location which were lined up with motels.

The social worker has known CCF from way back as we had several charity tie-ups. The staff of Sta. Ana hospital went ahead to the venue but waited for others before they set up. The programs started with games and the kids were very participative.

There were ice cream cart and Chummy Chum cart. We also enjoyed the ‘dirty ice cream’ which was delicious. The kids were served with branded foods. Most of the gifts and toys were given to the Orphanage for the children to enjoy. Chummy Chum came out as a finale number as kids danced along with him and had their pictures taken. The program ended at around 4pm.

The organizer was kind enough to shoulder our toll expense so we could go home fast. We intended not to show the kids’ faces for their protection.

Thank you Ate Patricia for volunteering.

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