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Delivering help to Karl.

No. 159: Karl, 6, Leukemia, PCMC.

Karl was diagnosed with blood cancer when he was only 3 years old. He’s been suffering for 3 years now. Like any other, Karl’s parents were devastated to learn about their child’s medical condition. At times they asked “why” but never blamed anyone. They hold onto what prayers can do for them, especially for their sick child.

The father is a factory worker who earns Php 537 a day. A full month’s income can cover the basic needs of the family but not the medical management of Karl. Moreso, it has become difficult when this pandemic started. The income gets very irregular, sometimes there’s work sometimes none. The situation becomes even worst when both the parents got positive of the Covid19 this January. They were buried in debt but has to survive for their children, especially for their sick child.

This time around, the assistance from the government becomes leaner as most politicians are keeping their funds for their political campaigns. The parents turn to a private charity foundation and seek any help that can be extended for Karl’s medical and health needs.

Sharing worth Php 10,000 assistance with Karl’s medical and nutritional needs. The amount has to be mentioned for transparency.

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