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Helping little DJ with his medical treatment.

CMAP No. 189: DJ, 4, B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, National Children’s Hospital (NCH)

DJ was diagnosed with blood cancer when he was 3. He is the youngest of 3 siblings. It was the most difficult time for the parents to learn that one of their children is battling a life-threatening disease. They accepted the fact despite the scarcity in life, for the parents, their children are the most important. The father works as a construction helper whose income is not enough to cover the basic needs of the family, let alone the medical needs of the sick child. The parents were very thankful that DJ was accommodated by the National Children’s Hospital, where his routine medical treatment is being provided. However, there are medicines and clinical tests that are vital for DJ’s treatment, that is not available in the hospital. DJ is currently in a ‘maintenance phase’ and on the road to recovery if he would be compliant with his clinical procedures and maintenance medicines.

He was granted Php 10,000.00 cash assistance for his medical and nutritional needs.

(Name is not revealed for the child’s privacy, security, and protection)

(Value has to be mentioned for transparency and accountability)

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