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Joint force in giving joy to the children from poorest families.

Updated: May 31

25 May 2024

Indigent Children from Brgy. Nangka

Marikina City

The sweltering weather made it difficult to go outside, but it didn’t stop the Chummy Chum team from going to meet the children from the poorest families in Brgy. Nangka.

Together with Team RB of TaskUs, the Chummy Chum team joined the New Lower Bicutan Community Pantry in giving joy to the children severely affected by poverty in that part of the city.

About 100 children were gathered at the venue. Everyone was delighted seeing all the good things around them, they were excited for what would happen next.

The team started to distribute the yummy treats and special gifts. Some children stared at the cotton candy cart wondering how the candy floss would form.

The children cheered when Chummy Chum (the mascot) came out and walked towards them. It was their first time to meet Chummy Chum. Chummy danced with the children and played with them. That moment was magical and probably one of the best for the children.

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