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Little Jan and his siblings received the blessings at the time they needed the most.

No. 71: Jan Yvan DC Mag-Aso, 4, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, PCMC

Little Jan is the eldest among 4 siblings. They are ages 4, 3,2, and 11 months. The family has been hit hard by the pandemic and currently in a very difficult economic situation. Little Jan is being treated at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC) wherein he and his mom used to walk 8 kilometers back and forth from their house to the hospital. The father has just started to work again as a construction worker and the mother is the one taking care of all the children. The family is living with the father’s parents who, also, aren’t doing well in their lives but wholeheartedly supporting their basic needs. The parents have been doing all they can to provide for all their children’s needs, but not enough for the needs of the sick child.

As soon as the founder learned the situation of the family especially the needs of the sick child, the help was sent immediately. Little Jan received cash assistance for his medical management and nourishment, formula milk, toys and coloring books with crayons, and grocery items to share with his siblings and the whole family. The mother was in tears – she was losing hope – and the blessings came at the time it needed the most – tears of joy and gratitude for the blessings she could ever imagine and both parents are forever thankful.

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